Conversations with Betty & Dr. Kashif Latif

What is A1C and how does A1C affect people with diabetes?

Convesations with Dr. Joseph Santoso, Gynecologic Oncologist

Dr. Joseph Santoso, Gynecologic Oncologist explains the link between obesity and cancer.

Dr. Wesam Ballouk, Nephrologist

Conversations with Betty & Dr, Wesam Ballouk, Nephrologist
What are the risks for Chronic Kidney Disease?

Sickle Cell Anemia

Mr. Mark Yancy, Director of Operations at Methodist Healthcare Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center

Conversations with Betty & Dr. Rye Estepp

Dr. Rye Estepp explains the new law that prosecutes pregnant women that use drugs, should the baby have complications.

Conversation with Betty and special guest Lesley Draffin, RN & Managing Co-Ordinator for the 1st of it's kind in the nation Insulin Pump Center.

Terry Moore, CDE

Terry Moore, CDE explains the honor of receiving the Certificate of Recognition of teaching Diabetes Self-Management Class at AM Diabetes Center.

Conversation with Betty & Darrell Greene

Mr. Darrell Green explains the benefits of Eversense Glucose Continuous Monitoring System.

Dr. Kashif Latif, Endocrinologist

Conversation with Betty's special guest Dr. Kashif Latif. Dr. Latif's son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 11 months. Dr. Latif talks about the warning signs and symptoms for children with diabetes.

Terry Moore & Marcy Kaufman Conversation with Betty

Terry Moore, CDE & Marcy Kaufman, RD at AM Diabetes and Endocrinology Center in Conversation with Betty about the importance of a quality Diabetes Education .

Conversations with Betty & Dr. Robert Wegner

Dr. Robert Wegner, Bariatric Surgeon Medical Director at St. Francis Center For Surgical Weight Loss has a Conversation with Betty about Post-Op Surgery for patients with Gastric Bypass and Gastric Sleeve Surgery.

"Conversations with Betty" is a talk show that focuses on medical topics and other relevant concerns in the Mid-South. Conversations with Betty will include many top medical professionals and community leaders. Betty's goal is to provide positive information to the viewing and listening audience as it relates to everyday concerns with hopes to create a better more easy lifestyle.

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