Local Doctors and Medical Professonals come together for Public Service

Betty LaMarr extends a special thank you to all the doctors and medical professions that sacraficed their time to talk to the viewers on channel 24 about Fact Not Fears as it relates to the CORVID-19 Pandemic. These wonderful doctors assited me as I worked closely with Local Live 24 to ensure that they had the best and brightest to speak live about COVID-19.

Channel 24 host interview Dr. Melissa Bosserman, LCSW

Dr. Melissa Bosserman, LCSW

Dr. Joseph Santoso, Oncologist

The Interview with Dr. Joseph Santoso, Oncologist/Surgeon

Dr. Yaser Cheema, Cardiologist

Dr. Shazia M. Hussain. Pediatrician

Dr. J. Zaite. Pulmonologist