Cardiac Arrest, Rajesh Kabra, MD

Betty LaMarr's Exclusive Interview with Rajesh Kabra, MD, Cardio Electrophysiologist at Methodist Healthcare. Dr. Kabra was recently, Honored by Memphis Business Journal:
"Top 40 Under 40." Congrats you deserve it Dr. Kabra!
Dr.Rajesh Kabra, one of the Masters!
Topic of discussion: Sudden Cardiac Arrest!

Dr. Joseph Santoso, Gynecological Oncologist.
West Cancer Center,2015 Outstanding Teacher Award UT Alumni Association!

MethodistHealthcare Diabetes Educators

Betty Lamarr's Exclusive Interview with Kristy Merritt, RN and Erin Fontenot, RN. Diabetes Educators at Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare.

Methodist Healthcare Sickle Cell Center

Betty LaMarr Interview Mr. Mark Yancy, Director/Manager
Methodist Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center.

Now showing on Medical Talk News on Comcast Cable.

Betty LaMarr and Terica Fitzgerald re-cap previous shows with Doctor's and Medical Professionals from Methodist Healthcare Systems, and other special guest on Medical Talk.

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