Are you a good Mother or having babies?

The heart of a good mother

By Betty Lamarr

The heart of a mother is truly fascinating! A good mother loves unconditionally, regardless of any faults her children may have. I am so blessed to have had a wonderful mother; a mother that prayed for me and my eight siblings by name every night. I truly believe that her prayers are sustaining us now, years after her demise.

The tragedy is that not everyone grows up with the same unconditional love from their mother. We often see those who were deprived of this motherly love out in the world filled with rage and anger. They are lost souls. Women that are deprived of a loving mother usually have an unnatural hate and distrust of women. They often cling to men to fill a void of love, even men that may abuse or neglect them. Men without a loving mother also grow up with a similar void, often times mistreating women and lashing out on them with anger. Those who are mothers need to understand just how important they are in creating a society that is founded on love and respect.

I understand how blessed I was to have my mother. She worked two or three jobs at least five days a week to makes sure we all had the essentials we needed to survive. Even beyond that, she did not let children in our community go hungry; she always reached out a helping hand to those in need. She was a mother of honor and integrity. It is sad that this is not as highly valued in our society as it should be. Women often do not understand the importance of morally guiding their children and teaching them a solid work ethic. Children are also failing to understand the importance of respecting their mothers and authority figures in a way that was mandatory in the past.

When I was growing up, I was raised to respect my parents. I never talked back; my mother would not allow that type of disrespect from her children. My mother knew her place at the head of the household, and she made sure that we knew our place as well. It is very sad to me when I see women that let their children disrespect them and curse them. Your role as a mother should be so much more valued than that! And children, please love and respect your parents regardless of who they are and how you think they should act. At the end of the day, all of us have a loving heavenly father who teaches us love and respect for those he put in our lives to guide us. You will never fully understand how important your parents are until they are gone.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about my mother. God took her away from us one day, but I thank him for all the years that I had. My mother so loved her children that when my sister Margaret was dying due to complications with breast cancer, my mom suddenly passed away 4 months before my sister. I always say that she died of a broken heart; she loved her children so much that she did not want to see one of us suffer and die. They are now lying side by side, but this is the way that my mother was. She loved being with her children and loved nothing more than to have one always at her side, even in death. I know without a doubt that they are at peace together.

Mrs. Dorothy L. Spann, we love and appreciate you for all the sacrifices that you and dad (Mr. Robert L. Spann) made in order for us to be well balanced and decent individuals. This may seem like a Mother’s Day article, but for me everyday is truly Mother’s Day because I was blessed to have a mother that deserves to be honored just because she was a stellar example of what a mother should be.

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