Betty LaMarr News Paper column

What are you enslaved too?

By Betty Lamarr
Recently I was riding behind a car with a bumper sticker that read, “To enslave yourself is the worst form of slavery.” After thinking about this statement, I came to the conclusion that it is true. We often enslave ourselves in one way or another.
I had a conversation recently with a friend that has enslaved himself with the past. He has things of little or no value that he refuses to let go of. He thinks that keeping these objects is a show of love for the deceased one’s that they belonged to. How do you honor someone by keeping a broken object? Hoarders are enslaved to things that are senseless and useless, and the hoarders themselves don’t know why they are enslaved to them.
Mental enslavement is a tragedy. Many of us are enslaved to society and what society thinks about the decisions that we make for our life. For example, when it comes to relationships many of us are fearful of what others will think if we choose to have affections for someone of another race. For me this is not only living as a slave but also as a coward. Why should one care what another imperfect human being has to say about their life? I think that it is a sad state of being not to allow yourself to be who you are. How tragic and miserable to live a lie for your entire life.
It would be so nice if for once in this lifetime we could all just be of one spirit and not divided by color or creed. I assume that in life there are people who need to separate themselves in order to feel superior in some fashion. I find this often to be true when it comes to religion. We all gather in our denominations judging others and believing that all are going to hell unless they are one of us. Will we ever understand that we are slaves?
How sad it is to be slaves to tradition? We allow tradition to dictate to us who we can love and marry. This is very sad because how many of us are in loveless, sexless marriages because we are married to someone that tradition says is right for us? Tradition says that we should marry someone who looks good on paper because this is how we have always done it. Tradition is the biggest form of slavery the world has ever known because it enslaves a person mentally, emotionally, and physically. You live a lie to gain the appreciation of other people who are as miserable as you. Tradition breeds hypocrisy.
Life is short – chose to live it to the fullest and to live it in truth and honor. There is only one higher power and only to this power do you owe your life.
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