LeeAnn Carmichael, RN and Dr. Shania Shepherd

Mental Illness and Depression Show

Depression and Mental Illness Show


Dr. Shaina Shepherd ( CNS Healthcare)

LeeAnn Carmichael              Dr. Shaina Shepherd
The Interview: CNS Healthcare: Memphis Research Center

Lee Ann Carmichael, MSN, FNP-BC

Nurse practitioner /Sub-Investigator
Leeann Carmichael has been a nurse since 1992. Throughout her career she has cared for a wide range of patients in the specialized areas of oncology, pediatric oncology, diabetes, cardiology, prenatal and neonatal, as well as general medical conditions and psychiatry.Lee Ann has a bachelor of Science and a master of Science degree in Nursing and its dually licensed in the State of Tn as a Family practice Nurse and a Registered Nurse. Lee Ann worked at both St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and the University of Tennessee conducting clinical trials prior to joining CNS Healthcare.

Shaina L.Shepherd, Psy.D.
.Dr. Shepherd joined the CNS Healthcare team in 2012 as a clinical Psychologist conducting pre-screens, ratings and initial diagnostic reviews. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Psycology fromm Transylvania university, and sompleted several degrees at Nova Southeastern University including a
Masters degree in Clinical Psychology, a Doctorate degree in Clinical Psyshology, and a second Masters degree in Clinical Psychopharmacology. Prior to joining CNS Healthcare. Dr. Shepherd worked in the Maimi, FL area as a Sub-Investigator/rater in the clinical trials industry.

We will have a candid conversation about the signs, symptoms and prevalence of Depression.
Clinical depression goes by many names-- depression, "the blues," biological depression,
major depression. But it all refers to the same thing: feeling sad and depressed for weeks or months on end ( not just a passing blue mood), accompanied by feelings of hopelessness, lack of energy, and taking little or no pleasure in things that gave you joy in the past. A person who's depressed just "can't get moving" and feels completely unmotivated to do just about anything. Even simple things--
like getting dressed in the morning or eating--become large obstacles.

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