Mental Illness and Addictive Behaviors

Mental Illness and Addictive Behavior


Dr, James Murphy, Ph.D
Guest on The Betty Lamarr Show
James Murphy, Ph.D
University of Memphis
Department of Psychology

Dr. James G. Murphy Ph.D

Dr. Murphy completed his Ph.D. in clinical Psychology from Auburn University in 2003. Prior to joining the clinical psychology faculty at the University of Memphis in 2006, he completed a clinical internship and a postdoctoral research fellowship at Brown university.

Dr. Murphy is interested in substance abuse and addictive behaviors, and particularly in research that attempts to understand how substance abuse patterns develop, change, and remit during young adulthood. Although individuals between the ages of 18 and 24 show higher rates of drug and alcohol use than any other age group, their substance use patterns are relatively malleable and sensitive to social-contextual influences, including brief interventions.

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