Personal Development for Girls

Betty LaMarr School of Personal Development for Girls

School Of Development For Girls

Betty LaMarr School of Development For Girls Ages 9-18

Not every young girl has access to a higher level of personal and talent development due to living in social economic distressed communities. We believe that every girl can excel if given opportunity regardless of ability to pay tuition. When it comes to economically disadvantaged girls these important developmental years can be greatly enhanced by attending the right finishing school. So, what are the benefits of attending a finishing school? Why should your daughter attend Betty LaMarr School of Development For Girls? We are intently focused on reaching out to girls living with diabetes and obesity. 

Bettys Finishing School


Finishing School (etiquette and proper manners)

A private school for girls that emphasizes cultural studies and prepares students especially for social activities. Girls having proper basic manners is very important for a positive outlook in life.

Empowering Girls to Thrive

Girls Schools Empower girls at risk to thrive

Many girls cannot express their full potential in a traditional school setting. Peer pressure and the perceived need to compete can impact young girls without positive female role models and accomplished mentors. The desire to be accepted, can all impact girls. These are just some of the reasons which make many girls suppress their own personalities and individuality. Betty LaMarr School for Girls is an environment where the participants are in full uniform.

We believe that girls in uniforms can focus on the personal development rather that fashion. Left to their own devices in a single-sex environment, girls are often more likely to express their personal ambitions and take on challenging math and science subjects and engage wholeheartedly in serious sports - all things girls aren't supposed to like.

Inspiring Leadership

Encouraging Leadership for Girls

Women have made significant advances in the leadership arena. Many girls in economically disadvantaged communities and households greatly lack inspiring role models and appealing presentation of critical life skills. Girl’s report feeling free to speak and express themselves, which leads to a stronger development of a love of learning in an exclusive school for girls.

Nutrition and Fitness Class

Nutrition and Fitness Sessions is tailored for youth girls living with and without diabetes.

Nutrition for kids is based on the same principles as nutrition for adults. Everyone needs the same types of nutrients — such as vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein and fat. Children, however, need different amounts of specific nutrients at different ages. Our Registered dietitians are onboard to teach healthy eating habits. Professional Fitness trainers to instill exercise ethics.

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Betty Lamarr, Director